How to protect your pet from stress


Our pets experience stress more often than we think. Many things can frighten an animal: loud noises, a trip, an appointment with a veterinarian, a performance at an exhibition, a meeting with another animal, etc.

For example, cats begin to get nervous if the owner puts a bowl of food in an unusual place, and a dog left with a stranger succumbs to panic.

Even minor nervous shocks in animals are accompanied by behavioral disturbances: they damage furniture, shit where they shouldn’t, meow and bark loudly, show aggression and are frightened by every rustle. All this can affect the health of pets: rapid breathing, hair loss, digestive disorders, idiopathic cystitis, urolithiasis.

Knowing that a stressor cannot be avoided (such as a trip to the doctor), you can prevent your pet from developing stress by giving him a sedative beforehand.

Select the form of the drug that is most suitable for the animal:

- Pills

– Solutions

– Sprays

– Collars

– Drops on the withers, etc.

     Before use, carefully read the instructions or consult a specialist.

Tablets and solutions

Tablets and solutions are used internally. It is important to control the duration of action of the drug and repeated use, because if you miss it, the concentration of the active substance in the blood will decrease and the desired effect will not occur.

To ensure your pet receives the drug accurately, use a tablet dispenser or syringe without a needle.

Collars and drops on the withers

The collar and drops on the withers last a longer time (up to 1.5 months) and are convenient to use.

But such remedies should be given in advance - 3-5 days before the expected stressful situation.

This way the animal will get used to the collar, and you will be sure that the drug will help get rid of stress.


Sprays are effective when the animal has already felt anxious; just shake the bottle and spray the contents next to the pet.

The effect of the drug begins within 10–15 minutes.

We recommend spraying the carrier in advance or during transportation.

Remember, a pet's agitated state is not always associated with stress. There may be health problems with the animal, in which case you should first contact your veterinarian.

Let your pets always be calm, active and playful!

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