What is a slow feeding bowl and does your pet need one?


If you notice that your pet is gobbling up food at a record rate, it may be time to consider a slow-feeding bowl. Slow feeding bowls are bowls that have many obstacles built into them. These slow feeders come in a variety of materials, from brightly colored plastic to stainless steel, and present a series of obstacles for your dog to overcome to get to the food. Some look like mini mazes and others even look like games or puzzles, all of these bowls can help prevent serious illnesses as well as significantly improve your pet's health.

Why eating slowly is important:

The main cause for concern with fast eating habits is that your pet may swallow large amounts of air with each gulp. Swallowing air can upset your pet's stomach and also increases the risk of gastric dilatation with volvulus, more commonly known as bloat, which is a dangerous condition in dogs that requires emergency surgery.


Benefits of slow eating bowls:

1. One of the main benefits is obvious - these feeders slow down your dog while he eats. Obstructions in the bowl make eating difficult, causing your dog to take longer to eat.

2. Less likely to choke: Slowing down the eating process also means your dog is much less likely to choke on his food. Your pet will have time to chew the food before he swallows it.

3. Better Digestion: Some dogs eat so quickly that they may vomit afterwards. These bowls give your dog time to properly digest their food, so your pet gets all the nutrients they need and is less likely to vomit after eating.

4. Portion control: Since your dog takes longer to eat, this allows him to feel full when he's finished eating. The faster you eat your food, the more likely you are to feel hungry when you finish eating.

5. Changes in Eating Habits: Your dog may have developed a habit of gobbling food because you have other pets in the house who eat from each other's bowls. Slow feeding bowls force dogs to change their eating habits without you having to do anything to make it happen.

6. Memory Skills: These bowls not only slow down your dog while eating, but also keep his mind sharp. Many bowls are designed to make it more difficult for your dog to get to the food. This provides very valuable mental stimulation as it turns the process into a bit of a puzzle.

So, the benefits range from your pup's physical to mental well-being, but are there any downsides? We've established that there are many pros to slow feeding bowls, so it's hard to believe there could be any cons. But they exist.

1. Damage to teeth: If your dog is particularly enthusiastic when eating, there is a risk that he may damage his teeth. Some dogs can injure their teeth and gums trying to get to food, and if the bowl is made of durable material, then this is quite possible. But the likelihood of this happening is not very high.

2. Plastic: If you buy a cheap plastic bowl made from a softer material, there is a chance that your dog may end up biting off small parts of the bowl.

3. Cleanup: Cleaning these bowls is definitely more challenging thanks to all the nooks and crannies. The more of a puzzle the bowl is and the harder it is for your dog to eat from it, the harder it is to clean.

4. Mess: Dogs are more likely to make a mess when eating out of these bowls, especially when trying to get to the food. Some dogs may even try to knock them over in their quest to get to the food. If you have a strong dog and you think this might be a problem, be sure to purchase a bowl that is stable and heavy.

If you find the right bowl for your dog, chances are these leaks won't happen.


Choosing a slow feed bowl

Slow feeding is not suitable for dogs that are picky eaters and are not necessarily food motivated. Your dog may get hungry, in which case your pet should really only eat from regular bowls. If you have a large dog, choose large, durable bowls and smaller bowls for smaller dogs. The more actively your pet eats, the stronger the bowl should be. Finally, if your dog struggles with a new bowl at first, especially if it's a complex puzzle feeder, take the time to show him how it works. Be patient and your pet will eventually figure out how to use it.

Our recommendations:

Glossy bowl for medium breed dogs with obstacles inside. A simple drawing will help your pet quickly adapt to a new diet, ideal for beginners.

The Slow Chow dog bowl already has a more complex labyrinth; the special shape of the bottom of the bowl prevents the immediate swallowing of food, allowing

I feed the animal correctly, and also adds an element of play - now food needs to be obtained.


Serve Volpe Dog Toy with raw, wet, dry or liquid dog food or with yogurt and puree. Small treats can also be placed in the gaps between the side with the "Y" mark. Also in summer, a stuffed toy can be served as ice cream to cool your pet.

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