What to give a dog for New Year: gift ideas for your pet


The holiday is just around the corner - New Year 🎅. Why not please your pet with a gift, because it brightened up your life and improved your mood, and maybe even behaved well all year?😉

Let's think, what would our tailed friend choose? Especially for caring dog owners, we have collected ideas for New Year's gifts.

Gift 1: Treats

The first thing that comes to mind: treats! Delicious, appetizing, with an amazing aroma! And now it’s even easier to choose funny or amusingly shaped treats. In addition, treats can be very useful: you can find ones designed to cleanse plaque, eliminate bad breath, train an animal’s jaw, and much more...

What to give your dog for the New Year We offer you several possible options (however, always remember that in our E-ZOO online store you will find even more different delicious treats!):

► Delicious pads from VetIQ Healthy Treats Joint & Hip for Dogs & Puppies with chicken that will take care of the health of your tailed friend’s bones and joints;
► Carnilove Dog Crunchy Snack Duck with Rosemary treats with duck and rosemary for dental health;
► Healthy yogurt YowUp! Yogurt Prebiotics Natural with prebiotic for dogs;
► A truly delicious Trixie Chicken Burger with chicken;
► Dried delicacies Natural beef tendon - for those who like to constantly gnaw and chew everything.

Gift 2: Toys

New Year's gifts for dogs And also... what self-respecting dog wouldn't order a toy for his Christmas tree? And here is a problem for the owner: he already knows what kind of fun will please his pet. The selection of toys is huge! And among them: toys that develop the dog’s intelligence; ropes and constrictions; soft and cozy, with which it is so comfortable to fall asleep; designed for active pastime: frisbee, plates, etc.; chewing, floating, etc.

If it so happens that your dog often has to wait for you at home alone for a long time, give him an interactive toy with which you can watch your pet 24/7, at the same time reward him with treats, and also check if everything is okay with him. okay in your absence. If you still have a puppy, choose a product for him that stimulates chewing, because he will soon be teething.

A few more options from our online pet supply store E-ZOO:

Gifts for dogs for the New Year► M-Pets Vice Versa Dog Toy Bone Beef scent in the form of a bone with a dispenser for treats or dry food;
► Soft eco-toy M-Pets Gaga Eco Dog Toys;
► Bright ring for games and fetch Collar PitchDog;
► AnimAll GrizZzly glow-in-the-dark LED ball - for dogs that don’t sleep at night and for playing outside in the dark;
► Petcube Cam interactive cube for interacting with your pet, even if you are away from home.

Gift 3: Warm shelter from the cold

During the cold season, warming products for animals become more relevant than ever. Why not give your faithful dog a warm, soft bed? What if he prefers to lie by the front door? Then a gift in the form of a warming mat will be suitable for the dog.

What to give a dog lover for the New Year Making a choice can be difficult, so we, as always, will come to your aid and offer several very attractive options. So, warm places to rest and sleep:

► Cozy lounger HARLEY & CHO Donut Soft Touch Gray oval shape;
► What could be better than a house? There you not only have the opportunity to quickly warm up, but also to hide from human eyes in order to be alone with yourself. And you can also share it with your friend - a cat (he will also fit). Trixie Silas Cave Cabin;
► Ferplast RELAX F double-sided bedding: cotton on one side, fur on the other. Which side to choose and which side to lie on is up to your dog to decide!

Now you can watch your favorite New Year's films together: you are sitting on the couch, and the dog is on his lounger.

What can you give a dog for the New YearGift 4: New bowl

You can also give your dog new dishes - for food, for water, or for both.

► For those who like to eat everything quickly and just as quickly start asking for more, a slow feeding bowl is suitable. For example, from TM M-Pets: Tasty Nolena Interactive Bowl.
► Do you often travel with your pet? Then the compact, folding M-Pets ON THE ROAD bowl will definitely come in handy in the new year.
► In our stores you will find an even larger variety of bowls. In the meantime, we offer you Stefanplast Break - for conservative-minded pets: an ordinary classic feeder, but with an anti-slip surface.

Gift 5: New Year's outfit

And of course, what would New Year be without festive outfits? Having dressed up properly, you can arrange a whole New Year's photo session with your host and guests! Warm and ambiance-creating clothing for dogs is designed to warm your pet in severe frosts and once again remind him how much you love him.

A gift for a dog for the New Year► Pet Fashion Santa blanket, green as a Christmas tree: who said that a Santa Claus costume should

wives must be red?
► Warming and elegant Pet Fashion Happy scarf.
► Warm wrestling jacket Pet Fashion Present.
► Down jacket for large breed dogs Noble Pet Bobby.
► Boots for those whose paws get cold in winter M-Pets Hiking Dog Shoes.

We hope that we have added some ideas for New Year's gifts! Every person is waiting for gifts on New Year's Eve and hopes, at least a little, that he behaved well this year and will be given them in full. Pets are also members of our family, and while everyone around them is enjoying the festive atmosphere, they also want to rejoice with the rest! Take care of your devoted friend now! And we are always ready to help with the choice!

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