Almo Nature food for kittens, with fresh chicken (50% meat) Almo Nature food for kittens, with fresh chicken (50% meat)

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Almo Nature HFC Dry is a dry food for indoor cats, neutered or not, that respects their carnivorous nature and is made from 100% fresh meat and fish, but is designed with the understanding that almost all indoor cats no longer live in the wild, but enjoy heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

We can call this formula a “Mediterranean diet for cats,” which balances protein and fiber to promote healthy bowel function. Also, thanks to the only source of protein in the formula, the food is suitable for allergic pets and pets with sensitive digestion.

     ⸙ ingredients originally suitable for human consumption
     ⸙ the only source of protein (100% fresh meat or fish).
     ⸙ without meat and bone meal or dehydrated meat/fish
     ⸙ very low magnesium recipes suitable for neutered cats

Supplement your pet's diet with wet food from the HFC line!

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